Refund Policy

Prime Seven Media aims to perform the services promptly and honor any arrangement the Author(s) has with the assigned Specialist. Most services that Prime Seven Media provides are very straightforward and could be fulfilled immediately except for those which may need a few weeks or months before it can finally be performed or completed. 

Once the agreement is completely signed and the Author(s) requests for a refund, a set-up fee of $150 is deducted from the refundable amount if no performance of the services has been done. Should there be any partial performance of the services, such as but are not limited to the following: filling out forms and questionnaires, providing analysis, creating drafts for online publicity or booking a slot for TV and Radio Interviews, Author(s) agrees that No Refund can be granted. Failure to reply to our email for the performance of the services may delay the refund process. With this, we can only process requests for refund between 0-7 days after the agreement is completely signed. Prime Seven Media will not be considered at fault for any delay of the performance of the services attributable to the fault of the Author(s). Author(s) has the option to continue with the service even if No Refund has been granted.